Sadly Doomed

Instead of thriving on this planet as the dominant species as we should be, we struggle every day to survive with human-made problems. We could wipe out poverty if we wanted to, but we choose not to make that a priority. We could educate the entire world population if we wanted to,  but again we chose not to. We could wipe out world hunger, but that gets no more attention than a 2 minute TV commercial at 3 am. With current technology we could turn this world into a utopia, unimaginable but by a few. The vast majority of our problems are human-made. Humans have created governments, politics, borders, religions and money, all of which create problems and conflict. Mankind is doomed in its current out-of-control spiral. We all need to start thinking as Global Citizens instead of drawing lines in the sand determining who we would help based on their race, religion, financial status or political party affiliation. You take away all the human-made problems and we are left with acts of nature, disease and death to deal with as a species. A very short list compared to what every human has to deal with today on a daily basis, and I am confident that if we ever were to get to that point in our Utopian world, we would have disease and death under control as well.

I have often joked that humans won’t wake up to the absurdity of our human-made problems until the alien mother-ships are hovering over every major city, and then in our final moments we will realize we are all in this together….sadly, I don’t think we will survive as a species to see that day and the aliens will only have ancient ruins to hover over.

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